March 4th, 2017

MyBazar works with leading partners to revolutionize the Malaysian e-commerce industry

Tell us about your recent partnership with Karangkraf and what is the rationale for both organizations coming together?

MyBazar is a company dedicated to the development and empowerment of entrepreneurs and SMEs by availing latest technology, connecting markets, and in general boosting their level of competitiveness. Our company has its foundations in United Arab Emirates, but our plan is to establish digital marketplaces in Southeast Asia, The Gulf, Central Asia and South Asia and developing markets.

“The reason we start with Malaysia is because it has a strong digital ecosystem framework and lots of government incentives to SMEs and startups.”

Especially in 2017, with the Prime Minister announcing that 2017 will be the year of SMEs and startups, and with initiatives such as the National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap, we are confident that this country will be a gateway of exciting developments in the digital marketplace space.

Our domestic strategy requires us to create a strong ecosystem not only to increase online transactions of goods and services, but most importantly to get more people, especially smaller businesses and cottage industries, into the digital space. They share with us the view that only broad-based, nation wide accelerated seller and shopper adoption of eCommerce will help propel Malaysia to the forefront of digital economy regionally and globally. As such, our partnership with Karangkraf is a natural one.

What will your partnership with Karangkraf mean for Malaysian SMEs?

E-commerce is now becoming one of the world’s fastest growing sectors and if developed properly, it can transform the future of business, economics and lives across Malaysia. MyBazar is a digital platform aiming to enable Malaysian SMEs to capitalize on e-commerce market potential.

Through this partnership between MyBazar and Karangkraf, more consumers will get access to special offers and promotions by leading merchants while on the other hand SME clients and aspiring entrepreneurs will be given tools enabling them to embrace digital economy and manage their businesses more efficiently.

Tell us about MyBazar and its offerings?

Essentially, we offer a digital marketplace for everyone and everything. This sounds cliche, but what it means is we want to bring more offline vendors online, and not to sell only merchandise and clothing, but anything of value can be sold in a marketplace. We have domestic and international strategies.

“Vibrant SME merchant- and manufacturing markets, diverse product offering at a competitive price, creates huge opportunity to put Malaysia on the digital economy world map and allows for development of job makers instead of job seekers across the nation.”

In the case of Malaysia, unlike others who focus solely on selling foreign products to Malaysians, our goal is to take local merchants and their products to international and emerging markets, thereby boosting the local economy. The Malaysian market is underrepresented in Dubai and we are keen to bring Malaysian goods to the Gulf.

You position MyBazar as enabler of SMEs. What do you exactly mean?

Traditional ecommerce is not suitable for the SMEs that are very cost sensitive with limited access to technology and related expertise. As a result, 70% of all SMEs and about 98% of all retailers are currently not taking advantage of globalized digital economy, on-line shopping and better knowledge of customers. Technology today allows us essentially to run our businesses better and easier.

MyBazar solution is designed around the needs of SMEs and specifically for those who are not capitalizing on the ecommerce potential. In addition to enabling SMEs to conduct their business with the help of technology, MyBazar is here to support them and move their business internationally.

How can Malaysian SMEs join MyBazar?

We are in the midst of working with Karangkraf to launch Digital Karnival for the first time on 3-5 March. This is great opportunity for SMEs to join MyBazar and immediately be part of the Karnival. Merchants can simply download our app from the App Store or the Google Play store and promote their best deals during the Karangkraf Karnival FLASH SALE!

In addition, we are now onboarding merchants in Malaysia to enable sales and delivery across the country and in near future allow successful merchants from Malaysia to sell directly to Middle East and other emerging markets.

What are your future plans?

With its social media integration and secure online shopping experience, MyBazar works with leading partners to revolutionize the Malaysian B2B2C e-commerce industry. Just like the physical experience of browsing, choosing and bargaining, MyBazar combines the joy of business with the joy of a good deal.

“MyBazar is all about making life better – for merchants who can expand their business without risk – and for shoppers who can find diverse products and more bargains right in their phone.”

By using the latest information technology, MyBazar is building the appropriate infrastructure that will allow Malaysian merchants to firmly embrace the new digital economy and to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

February 10th, 2017

MyBazar Malaysia and Karangkraf Group establish strategic partnership


Kuala Lumpur, 6 February 2017 – MyBazar, an innovative social marketplace based in Dubai with operations in Malaysia and Karangkraf Group have established strategic partnership aimed to accelerate SME adoption of e-commerce and online shopping for consumers across Malaysia.

The partnership marks the first time for Karangkraf Group to partner with a digital e-commerce based platform that will allow both the companies’ business to collaborate over joint marketing campaigns for 2017. Through this partnership between MyBazar and Karangkraf, more consumers will get access to special offers and promotions by leading merchants while on the other hand SME clients and aspiring entrepreneurs will be given tools enabling them to embrace digital economy and manage their businesses more efficiently.

“Championing entrepreneurship by using latest Information technology, MyBazar is building infrastructure that will allow Malaysian merchants to firmly embrace new digital economy and to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.” – says Global CEO of MyBazar, Mr. Armin Osmancevic.

“Indeed Malaysia is in a prime position to move quickly from its current nascent growth stage to an accelerated growth path and capture significant growth in eCommerce in the near future with recently launched National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap. MyBazar will actively support this initiative and promote Malaysian businesses and its digital economy across emerging markets”, – adds Mr. AbdulMajeed Al Fahim, Chairman of MyBazar Global Ltd.

Being an esteemed and influential media organization with products and services that helped shape and build the Malaysian society in last 40 years, Karangkraf Group aims to find new ways of adding value to its consumer audiences and advertisers by developing innovative partnerships with key industry players.

“MyBazar platform is having distinctive business proposition and is importantly able to help Malaysian entrepreneurs that do not have the right capabilities to compete in the digital world” – says, Syamil Fahim Mohd Fahim, Chief Operating Officer, Karangkraf Group.

“We are very keen to partner with MyBazar as we have recognized their distinctive approach to contribute to our economy by bringing not only necessary expertise but also international best practices and reach to new markets. Supporting accelerated seller and shopper adoption of eCommerce from Karangkraf’s existing advertisers and clients will help propel Malaysia to the forefront of digital economy regionally and globally. What is good for Malaysia, is good for Karangkraf.” – adds Dato’ Dr. Hussamuddin Bin Hj. Yaacub, CEO, Karangkraf Group.

October 20th, 2016

Islamic Economy Startups: “You Can’t Find the Muslim Market Unicorns; You Have to Create Them”

The Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES) is the region’s premier forum on the Islamic economy. It brings together world-class experts in critical industry sectors that span geographic regions and cultural boundaries to directly address the greatest challenges and opportunities in the Islamic economy.


Dubai, 12 October 2016 – A high-profile panel discussion explores the startup ecosystem within the Islamic economy on day two of the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2016

Building on the successes of day one, the second day of the Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES) 2016, included a panel discussion that explored the startup scene within the Islamic economy.

Dustin Craun, Founder of Salaam Bank moderated the panel discussion, where Yousuf Ali M. A., Founder of Lulu Group International; Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Founder of Aladdin Group of Companies; and Armin Osmancevic, CEO of MyBazar Global, explored the obstacles facing startups in the Islamic economy and discussed ways to help them overcome them.

“It is now more important than ever to build a startup ecosystem,” Craun began by saying. “If we talk about building billion-dollar companies at the moment, we’re putting the cart before the horse.”

Craun classified Muslim forays into the tech industry into four categories: the Muslims working within large international tech companies; tech startups targeting Muslim consumers but offering regular services, such as Careem,, etc.; tech startups that cater to Muslims and serve particularly Islamic needs, such as locating halal restaurants, the qibla, etc.; and social enterprise projects that use aspects of Islamic branding but operate in non-Muslim countries.

“Muslims represent the largest growth community in the world, however, if you take the Muslims in the US and Europe out of the equation, there are only few Muslim unicorns left. Investors from the region keep looking to Silicon Valley and Europe for opportunities instead of in the region,” Craun noted, adding that stakeholders in the Islamic economy need to pay attention to the youth and to startups: “Part of the problem with Islamic banking, for example, is that it’s focusing on older Muslims when the largest population segment is the young. Meanwhile, traditional banks are launching products that cater to the youth such as apps and digital products.”

Meanwhile, Lulu’s Yousuf Ali said:

“We should show to the world that Islam is a religion of love, tolerance, and respect, and then the world will respect us back. ‘You should be honest and trustworthy,’ says the Hadith. This is the first thing an entrepreneur should do.”

Ali developed the grocery store his father left him into a chain of super and hypermarkets with 40,000 employees. “We are introducing and focusing on halal products and supporting the companies who produce them – it is our responsibility,” he said, cautioning that it would take some time for people to warm up to Islamic products: “When the first Islamic bank was launched, it took a while to take off. It was difficult to accept at first, but now Muslims and non-Muslims alike are benefitting from the sector. We are living in the 21st century, we sell halal products regardless of whether the manufacturing country is Muslim or not, and we encourage all our customers to buy halal products.”

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor immediately grabbed the audience’s attention when he disclosed he was the ninth Muslim to go to space – on top of being a surgeon, a restaurant owner, and a model. “Everyone should go to space to change their perspective on the world,” says the founder of Aladdin Group, the first online halal product platform.

“We need to set internationally uniform standards for halal products. Halal is about life as a whole, it is about cleanliness and hygiene – not just slaughtering. This is what we’re trying to educate non-Muslims about,” Shukor explained, “I founded the platform to help entrepreneurs who have created halal products to sell their merchandise online. Non-Muslim countries are actually leading the charge in capitalising on the halal market. For example, the UK is the leading global hub for Islamic finance, while Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of halal meats.”

“By focusing only on halal markets, we would put ourselves in a box. Let’s produce products that serve all people. Another thing we should focus on instead is the risk-sharing paradigm of the Islamic economy. It receives inappropriately little attention; it is an environment where government, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists all share the risks.”

Amin Osmancevic began by challenging the overemphasis on Muslim-only products. “Islam is only one aspect of a large, multifaceted market,” he noted. “By focusing only on halal markets, we would put ourselves in a box. Let’s produce products that serve all people. Another thing we should focus on instead is the risk-sharing paradigm of the Islamic economy. It receives inappropriately little attention; it is an environment where government, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists all share the risks.”

“That being said,” he continued, “Muslims have the untapped potential of having 1.7 billion consumers. There’s huge market potential in e-commerce, where only 1% of commerce in Muslim countries is done online for the time being. I’m from Sweden; Scandinavia has a very small population, yet accounts for 3% of the world’s exports. That is because the authorities focus on supporting entrepreneurs and creating a startup environment. Events such as the Global Islamic Economy Summit show how much the Dubai government is heeding the call and allowing entrepreneurs to connect with each other and to the public.”

“Where are the Muslim market unicorns?” Osmancevic asked in conclusion; “You can’t find them, you have to breed them; you have to create them.”

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August 30th, 2016

MyBazar merchant: Imam Muda Asyraf

Imam Muda Asyraf needs little introduction. But Aisy Asyraf brand may not be immediately associated with him. Emerging from a distinct background, the brand is following on the same path of gaining popularity across the country and even across the borders. Exclusively for MyBazar, Imam Muda Asyraf gives ‘behind the scenes’ angle to his growing business.

What is the story behind the Aisy Asyraf brand?
As you may know, I was involved in numerous programs and I am used to get promotional shirts, jubah and the likes from different sets of sponsors and organizers at the different locations (for recordings, etc.).

Idea came to me, it would be good if I can use my own fashion line that can also be promoted to the rest when I don it at the various shows and events. That is when I started AisyAsyraf!

“The brand name itself is a combination of my child’s name and my own name.”

In your opinion, what differentiates you from other brands in the sam product line?
One of differentiators is that we want to position our products as something that can be used in any function or event – be it when one goes to the masjid or even one hang outs with their friends. Jubah or kurta have always been associated as clothes that one dons when they go for their prayers. But with careful styling and contemporary colors, we want to tell the market that AisyAsyraf brings jubah and kurta that can be used as daily line. We have striped and flowery motives that appeal to many including to the young.

Who designs your line, are you part of the design team?
Yes, I do sometimes design our fashion line. As I frequently travel to new places, I do observe the type of clothing others wear. It gives me new ideas on how to adapt new styles to our own market. Our designs are based on contemporary designs which we share with other fashion houses – in getting the right feedback from those who have already made their name in this industry.




When you said that you shared your designs to well-established brand, are you not concerned that they might copy your design?
Our market is still at its infancy stage. We need to support one another in order to build the market. We need to collaborate and exchange ideas. If big brands such as Versace, LV or Gucci have some similarities in their fashion line as they sometimes do collaborate, then I think it is fine with us in this growing market segment.

How someone of a religious background navigates fashion industry?
I found that having a religious background gives me the opportunity to broaden my horizon and understanding. I get to meet lots of people with diverse backgrounds. Engagement with the young and old become much more rich and satisfying. I feel that if there is any “wall” separating those who are seen as “religious” and not, have been crushed.

Interestingly, when I met Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Al Qardawi, I was introduced as a fashion designer/boutique owner. He then asked me, are you the new Abu Hanifa – referring to the great scholar, Abu Hanifa An Nu’man who was once a tailor and a great scholar.

“Having my own business allows me to be independent and supports my activities (teachings, da’wah outreach, etc.).”

Yes, being someone from the “religious” background in the fashion industry is something that I do appreciate and cherish.

What is the best feedback received from the market about AisyAsyraf brand?
The fact that there are many youth buying our product line with many saying that they have been waiting for such designs is something encouraging for me. The Raihan line has been the choice of many – due to its ease, casual yet something that can be worn at official functions.

Can you share your vision for the AisyAsyraf brand?
As we grow in the local market, we are also eyeing the neighboring market especially those in the southern part of Thailand and Indonesia.

“With the arrival of MyBazar, we definitely can look at the Middle East market as well.”

Focus is still men’s fashion – clothing and accessories such as perfumes. Once we have achieved a certain level of brand recognition, we might broaden our offerings (that could include Muslima fashion).

How do you manage your time: teaching, family and remain active in the fashion industry?
Teaching has always been my passion and my first love. Being in business adds up to the long list of things that I need to do and deliver on daily basis. Long hours will need to be carefully balanced as I need to give time to my family as well. I used to be really hands on when it comes to business. But now, I am able to take some time off as I have developed a great team that allows me to focus on other areas as well.

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August 22nd, 2016

MyBazar merchant: Bro&Joe

The art of gifting off-the-shelf products is long gone as people tend to head towards original ideas for gifts. But where to get a gift that is not ‘already seen’? That’s where Bro&Joe comes in. Being a fully home-grown store for men and 100% Malaysian – Bro&Joe is all about thoughtful gifts. The kind that isn’t available in generic retail stores. Here is the full story.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your brand, what’s the story behind your name?
Bro&Joe aims to relate the brand to any average Joe out there looking for a community of brothers-in-arms, where they can uniquely express themselves and to be truly men. Besides that, we’d like to instill the bro code and how to be gentlemen easily with advice and guides we give in our online magazine.

“As for the storefront, we’re basically a gift shop with distinctively different gifts for men.”

Just think of it like this: As young Malaysians, how do guys address each other? “Hey bro…” or “Hey Joe…” is a common and warm way that men address each other even when they haven’t been acquainted before. There are other names too, like ‘macha’ or ‘dei’ but we thought these 2 were the best to fit with our idea, so we became ‘Bro&Joe’.

You have kind of unique items. Are you producing them yourselves?
At the moment we’re only curators. Definitely, in the future we’d like to produce our own items. Stay tuned for that.

Your product photography is gorgeous. What’s your secret to creating such great product photos?
A decent camera, plenty of natural lighting and Adobe Photoshop software. That pretty much sums it up for us. We are not professional photographers, neither do we have a fancy photo studio but instead, we make use of what we have in the best way possible. Even our lightbox is made out of styrofoam cut-outs. You can imagine, we had to become creative to get things done.

You are not only online store but also a magazine, can you tell us more about that?
We wanted to use an unconventional way to market our products. Instead of throwing money on advertising agencies or platforms, we’d prefer a more personal touch with word-of-mouth marketing while showing off what we can do linguistically to entertain our users and ‘bros’ alike. Let’s just say we really like promoting ourselves and this is the best way we to do it.

What does the future hold for Bro&Joe?
Definitely looking at scaling further and hopefully become a home-grown, household name that people recognize.

“We want to be known for our thoughtful gifts and affordable prices. A place people can go to when they need something unique and special.”

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August 18th, 2016

MyBazar people: Hasnol

Listening to Mohd. Hasnol’s life journey one can easily be led to be believe that it is the story of a whole team and not of a single person. Hasnol has lived and worked in the US, Middle East and Malaysia. He traversed places, met dignitaries, businessmen and common people, run projects, volunteered to causes and achieved successes at many fronts.

Most Malaysians who either lived in Dubai or have passed through it have likely been at least once welcomed by Hasnol or have taken part in one of his many programs. Now he is back to Malaysia determined to contribute to Malaysian development and wellbeing. Hasnol is Deputy CEO and VP Marketing at MyBazar Malaysia. This is his story.

Hasnol, you have lived most of your professional life outside Malaysia. How is to be back after so many years?
Mixed, I would say. Having spent almost 20 years outside of Malaysia in the last 24 years it takes some time to settle in and enjoy the comfort of your own environment. My stint in the UAE was the longest – almost 16 years. While I do miss the good old Dubai days, I am also happy to be back in Malaysia. Been missing mom’s cooking and TLC while away on duty!

It is said that one needs to go out in order to learn more about his own country. What do you see Malaysia has to offer to the world?
Very true. One can only better appreciate loved ones/places when one is away from them. Malaysia is already offering a lot to the world but I am convinced that it can offer even more.

We are endowed with beautiful nature, blessed with inspiring diversity of races and cultures, and in general we have quite entrepreneurial people with generally positive attitude to work. Harnessing this potential into a business like proposition definitely holds a potential to bring out the best from Malaysia to the world.

“Increasing and intensifying our interaction with others outside the country at all levels, whether small or big businesses, will certainly add value to our economy and welfare in general.”

Learning from your own US and Dubai experiences, what can we do in Malaysia to improve our economy?
Well, every economy has its own strengths and weaknesses. Learning from, for example, Dubai’s experience, one always has room to improve its business friendliness. Dubai is champion in ensuring all the government policies are pro-business and pro-growth.

Dubai grew to what it is now within a short span of time. Careful planning, building the right support and eco-system plus leveraging on available global resources have catapulted Dubai into the world map as of one of the best places to do business. Therefore, I think we can do more even more business friendly as we have greater potential and capacity than Dubai.

Additionally, I think entrepreneurship has huge potential in Malaysia. We already have champions that are of global magnitude such as the case of AirAsia.

“The fact that we are multicultural provides unique opportunity to develop a breed of entrepreneurs who would understand well not only the needs in Malaysia but also those regionally and globally.”

With the right support that goes beyond financial I am confident that we shall be able to develop new brands, export products and services or share our best practices with others.

We need to conscientiously work to strengthen the business confidence and trust. I feel that unnecessarily a lot of attention is paid to events and news that do not add value to our economy. Staying focused on economic and business development and improving quality of our own products and services will lead us to achieve new economic heights.

Lastly, for all the resources available in Malaysia, we need to better manage and create opportunities for many and check any malpractices. Opportunities with ease of doing business will encourage many to take the startup route. Startups will then collectively offer job creation, economic activities that would attract additional resources in the shape of talent and investments!

You are passionate about helping and supporting others. What inspires you and where do you practically find time to be concerned with others?
I have always looked up at successful people such as Bill Gates and Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi. The higher they achieve, the more they give back to the society. Money can go as our personal expenditure or we can better use it as a means of making others happy.

“What we give back to the society is actually not ours – it is theirs, as what we have today is only something that we hold as trust.”



How do I find time? Well I owe this to my family. It is very important to have those close to you understand what you believe in. Personal time could possibly be turned into time spent with a particular project. Their understanding and support will definitely be rewarded, if not from me then from our Creator, God willing!

Why do you think that everyone should embrace e-commerce?
When Internet came, there were pockets of people who do not see any need for them to be part of the revolution. Soon, it became something strange for someone who does not have an email address, or even a Facebook account. Internet itself has become an utility that every homes on the planet should have.

The same can be said about e-commerce. As the world is getting smaller and connected, it has become very easy to transact on the Internet. One can buy something from the U.S. while living in Malaysia. Distance is not an issue.

“With a click of a mouse or touch of one’s smartphone, the buying or selling process has become easy, quick and economically viable. Why would anyone not embrace e-commerce?”

What’s your vision of the current market and of your competition both in SEA and globally?
The SEA market is definitely one of the market that players are targeting. With more than 600 million people (and growing) plus with the appetite to spend, MyBazar would definitely be part of this market. It’s not about should we be IN this market, rather, when and how do we play in this playground. Same goes at global level.

What comes first? Educating and enabling merchants to sell online or shoppers to go beyond brick and mortar shopping?
I would say that both should be done hand in hand as both are required in making a mobile marketplace such as MyBazar to flourish. Educating the merchants with the available tools and know-how would prepare the market – while having sophisticated shoppers with added value to what is being offered, would energize the eco-system.

How are you able to leverage your wide experiences with MyBazar?
MyBazar gives me great platform and framework to leverage on connections and network that I have built along the years.

“MyBazar is strongly committed to contribute to economic development of Malaysia by providing necessary tools to SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs.”

August 15th, 2016

MyBazar merchant: Giftvenir

Thinking of starting an on-line business? Not sure what to offer? Get inspired from the Giftvenir’s journey! Maverick Teh dreamed up a brand that offers unique gifts for her, cool gifts for him, fun gifts for children and special gifts for families & friends. The store features everything from lifestyle items to computer accessories, clothing, and backpacks among other things.

“Giftvenir is created to put you in the chilliest of moods.”

What was your motivation for starting your own business?

I was spending a lot of money online as I find shopping online to be very easy and convenient. Then I realized that I actually could start earning money instead of spending it and even work from the convenience of my home. Being interested in purchasing gifts online, it was natural for me to start selling gifts to others as I had both the interest and the knowledge about the subject.

How did you come up with the idea for selling gifts online?

The idea of selling gifts and having my own online store had been running through my mind for a long time. In fact, I always wanted to have my own store. Eventually I created a website and started selling through it, as well as through Social Media networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

In your opinion, what sets Gifvenir apart from other gift shops?

Giftvenir is a gift shop from where you can get different items for different occasions as well as different personalities. There are many gift stores out there, but what makes us different is actually our uniqueness.

“We literary sell unique items that you cannot find elsewhere, especially in Malaysia.”

How long did it take before your business gained traction?

Well, I would say it was a long way till we got where are we now. As the saying goes; Nothing worth having comes so easy. It took as about a year to reach where we are now and to become known and recognized as brand.

What do you think of MyBazar so far?

Unlike similar mobile shopping apps, it does not only push for promotions and deals functionality but there are many quite unique features such as location-based search for items, secure payment and delivery, pre-orders as well as negotiating and making direct offers through.

“What I understand, new version is coming soon with even more powerful and convenient solution to promotion and deals than what is in the market today.”

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August 10th, 2016

MyBazar merchant: Perfume SADO

Syamsul Izzudin Alin, creative mind behind Perfume SADO, shares a few aspects of his story of turning the love for scents into a business.

“It is about translating specific memories into scents, because scents are connected to our memories.”

Why perfumes? Was it an appreciation for fragrances in general, or more specifically out of an appreciation for perfumes?

I would say the idea to create a perfume out of appreciation of flavor or odor in general. It is about translating specific memories into scents, because scents are connected to our memories. If I could get you to smell something and you would be like, ‘Wow… my adolescence… summer vacation.’ During the creation I need to feel a specific something, but I also want everyone else can interact with products in their own way, to connect to their memories.

What are some of the first captivating scents you remember?

The first fragrance that I still remember to be fascinated by was ‘Dunhill Desire Red’. It was introduced in 2000, in the beginning of the new millennium. With its very red bottle it tried to attract attention of the customers, targeting 25 to 45 old. It was addressed to self-confident and the men who want to be in the center of attention. The ‘Desire’ perfume opens with the notes of apple, orange blossoms, sweet bergamot and sparkling lemon. Its base acts with the accords of vanilla, musk and labdanum. Designed by Michael Almairac, Dunhill Desire is made of ruby-red glass, and it really conquests with its woody-oriental composition.

You have rejected the use of synthetic chemicals in your own line. Was this something you set out to do from the start, or was it was a decision that you came to gradually as you learned more about perfumery?

I have rejected the use of synthetic chemicals in the perfume since the 60% of what you put on your skin, the largest organ on your body, gets absorbed into your blood stream. They can trigger allergic reactions, migraines, asthma attacks, nausea, eczema, and a whole host of other sensitivities.

“Today’s consumers are becoming more educated and suspicious of chemicals in our personal care products and are seeking safer alternatives.”

Naturals in general are much healthier and provide the scents for green living. Ingredients we use are derived from natural raw materials and this is something that we’ve decided from the very start.

Are there particular fragrance notes or ingredients that attract you and that you like to work with whenever possible?

As I mentioned it’s about translating memories into scents, so certain notes provoke more interests than the others. It’s about translation and finding most suitable ingredients to evoke those memories to me, and to others.

Do you have any other passions?

I’m also very interested in furniture and would like to design my own store. To have a decent budget to build the design and the furniture and furthermore enhance the feeling of experiencing the perfume SADO. I have very specific ideas of what kind of furniture to make and what kind of materials to use. Hopefully, this is a dream that I will achieve soon.

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August 8th, 2016

Experiences on Starting up

Cyberjaya, Selangor 2 August, 2016 – MyBazar Malaysia’s Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Mohd Hasnol Mohd Yunus was invited by MMU Faculty of Management (FOM) Alumni and Industry Outreach to talk on experiences on starting up a business.

“The success of any startup relies on having an idea whose time has come, then having the passion to make that idea become a reality.”

Regardless of recessions or challenging times, it is a certainty that there is always space for innovators willing to make their dreams come true. While various markets and business decline over the time, others rise to take their place.

In short, chaotic and disruptive times open up new opportunities to many.

Nobody ever thought that a magazine priced at $1 per issue (price of a wool sweater at the time) during the times of Great Depression in 1930s could possibly be profitable within the next few years: Fortune magazine became the reading material for Board members who survived the Financial crisis and recorded a profit of $500,000 within few years.

“As technology evolves, not only industries and companies are being re-structured but many other new industries have been created.”

Technology has also make it possible for many to dive into startup ventures as the cost of doing business goes south. In fact, many of those who are giants these days are using technology to leverage their success.

In the area of e-commerce, it has given rise to new opportunities to all merchants. Essentially now anyone can sell super-fast, easy and to a wider market.

“This is what MyBazar is all about – empowering sellers, democratizing the selling space and providing value to shoppers.”

As he highlighted the path to a successful start-up, Hasnol had focused on the following main takeaways:

1. The idea

Search for a solution and do not generate ideas for the sake of being innovative. Your idea must be a solution to a known problem. The idea needs to be expanded and tested thoroughly with hypothesis and experimental design or a prototype. Analysis and conclusion can then put the idea to the next level.

2. The strategy

Having the right idea but without the right strategy would not get the idea fly. Strategy can be in the form of the product itself, its price structure or the market it is targeting. Think in terms of differentiation and ability to implement.

3. The product + beta

The “ready” idea will need to be tested robustly with carefully selected group of people from the intended market. Going back to the drawing board is quite common at this stage in order to make sure that the product will be accepted in the market.

4. The team

Creation of the core team that would be navigating and managing the product is as important as in making sure that the product is ready to market. Different sets of identified skills and experience plus more importantly, the passion to make the whole journey a success will be the basic ingredient!

5. Scaling

The next “episodes” of the journey need to be carefully scripted and crafted as though we will be seeing a sequel to a blockbuster! This is where extra funding, additional of new team members and strategic partners come into the picture.

“There’s no map to successfully getting your online business off the ground. But the journey is part of the process; learning, growing, and iterating along the way.

August 1st, 2016

We’re hiring: Business Development Associate

About MyBazar
MyBazar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd is Malaysia’s new online social marketplace. Now anyone can start promoting and selling their products and services for free, anytime and anywhere. Price negotiation, payment, shipping and payment guarantee are all included. MyBazar is committed to support entrepreneurs, SMEs and anyone wishing to take the challenge of pursuing own dreams in a new digital economy.


We seek to add an ambitious Business Development Associate to our growing team that will develop and grow our marketplace business.

It is vital that you have the ability to have a deep understanding of our business and clear understanding on how we can maximize our revenue opportunities. You will be at ease with prospecting, cold-calling, convincing in person and any other means of communication channel on transactional and high value deals. Easy to get along and communication ability is given, as you will be part of MyBazar’s sales team in achieving set goals plus connecting with other internal teams.

Big plus if you have successfully worked in an e-commerce, Telecom, Media or related industry with established sales track record. Fast learner, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong attention to detail, and good follow-through is definitely what we are looking for!

Essential Functions:

Reporting to the Vice President – Marketing of MyBazar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Business Development Associate will be responsible for:

• To contribute toward development of value proposition and incentives for key clients as well as broader SMEs
• To execute weekly targets in terms of reaching out to new SME clients, maintaining existing relationships as well as developing new prospects
• To be a point of contact for some of SME and business clients
• To actively contribute and work with other teams in growing MyBazar marketplace
• To develop our existing customer database for marketing campaign purposes


• Technical capability
• Communication Proficiency
• Business Acumen
• Presentation Skills
• Collaboration
• Teamwork Orientation
• English and Malay is a must, Mandarin is a plus!

As a person you are happy and positive. A problem is not something that you worry about, you fix it. If you are that kind of person, please send your CV and a personal letter to: